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Replica Balenciaga Bags | Prada Replica Handbags On Sale

It’s a turndown when our favorite designer brands show us bags that we do not hunger for. Especially when it comes to the fashion house Replica Balenciaga Bags, you can get the classic monogram canvas in every iconic and timeless styles; neverfull, speedy, Tivoli, Totally, Alma or Noe bag. But if you already own such print, you will ask: ‘is that all’. Fortunately, the new Cruise 2014 collection is going to be more exciting and that’s needed as we want to link the sun shine to our colorful spring summer outfits. The new collection is going to feature in the classic Damier print, but in variation of lovely colors. You can get your hands on beige, blue, red, orange and yellow. The new Pochette bag with strap is ideal whenever you are fed up with big bags. More, Replica Balenciaga Bags goes playful with the new Wooden bangles and wooden necklace that matches to the colors of the new totes. I am not sure about the prices yet, but we will be posting them as soon as we get more information. If you want to know more about cruise 2014 bag collection, check out the latest ad campaign featuring Sofia Coppola bag in new colors.

Replica Balenciaga Bags

On Thursday 13th June, the nature stood at Replica Balenciaga Bags side, as the sun delivered warm and bright sunshine to the Zeiglerhouse in the morning. It was the missing ingredient, that even Marc Jacobs didn’t had control, to make the event of Prada Replica Handbags Cruise 2014 collection perfect. Image how beautiful it was; extravagant rooms, villa inspired by the ancient Roman times and beautifully decorated marble mantels made in Italy. The new collection features the ‘neverfull’ tote in bright shade like red and blue, the sofia coppola bag in effortless summer blue that can resonates with any woman and the new fold-up tote bag that can be carried either by hand. The launch of the neverfull in epi leather showed how Marc Jacobs can creatively transform a traditional bag into a modern essential and the option to choose from different layers of colors just take our breath away, it’s timeless. However, I am suprised not to see bags in sophisticated or extremely large LV logo embellished, something that Louis Vuitton usually do in the past, but instead a series of shades has been introduced, with simple patterns or in single colors, which makes it very easy for us to pick.